The Single Most Important Thing That’s Missing From Many “Home Based Businesses”

Those that have made the decision to become entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry are being faced with the very strenuous decision as to which company should they choose to become a part of. The enormous amount of ads, websites, and offers to become financially free are overwhelming to the average beginner entrepreneur. And what many entrepreneurs are beginning to feel is that none of these home based businesses are actually legit opportunities. Why?When an entrepreneur makes the decision to take control of their lives and become a part of the network marketing industry, it usually is because they think they have found an opportunity that will  make this happen for them. Unfortunately, many soon come to realize that all the fluff that was given to them when prospected over the phone was actually B.S.Many in the network marketing industry have been programed to “Fake It ‘Till You Make It”. They’ve been told to fake their success in order to sign up more affiliates under them in order to make a profit. What does this do to the typical new entrepreneur that was actually motivated and excited to begin their new venture? They become frustrated and ill tempered at the fact that no one ever mentioned to them the difficulty and commitment it will take on their part in order to become successful. They soon find out that the person that prospected and signed them up for a home based business wasn’t honest with their experience and are not a successful entrepreneur with their particular business opportunity.The entrepreneur now feels that he/she has been deceived into starting a home based business without getting 100% of the information they strongly feel they should have received.I strongly believe that we can not blame the specific individual that prospected that person. Many entrepreneurs are new to the industry themselves and unfortunately have not received the right training, advise, and leadership they should have received. A word of advice to those that are new to network marketing, be HONEST with your prospect. If you have yet to become successful with your specific opportunity, tell them the truth. You must be getting some results in your home based business. Tell them the truth about who you are and mention that their success is determined by their efforts, not yours.A little honesty goes a long way. Most entrepreneurs understand that everyone had to start from somewhere and that not everyone they speak to in the home based business opportunity is a full blown success at it. But maintaining a level of honesty makes the prospect feel more at ease. And as a network marketer myself, this technique has consistently proven that your prospect will join you in your venture and feel confident that you can lead them to reaching their goals.If you are an entrepreneur that is looking for someone to “Keep It Real”, then you’ve come to the right place. My honesty is genuine and  I will tell you who I really am and what I can do to help you reach your goals.Your Mentor To Success,Pablo Gonzalez

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